the course of human life

consistency in behavior,
content with the familiar .
we take from the day our most monumental of happenings,
and show disregard for our less conspicuous feats .
every breath, every free thought,
severely overlooked .
the misfortune of not having the time, or the desire,
to notice the most wonderful of things .
things like waking up to the sun peeking through your window blinds,
the smell of rain, and songs sweet like summer .
but undoubtedly, the saddest of all,
is the indifference for those significant to our lives  .
the indifference that often comes unnoticed .
you see, we take the best of them for granted, 
and the ones we do not, will only exploit us in return .
steady manipulation of the mind,
all in fixed cycles .
each gear promoting the response of the next .
incessant movement making time appear irrelevant .
we live and we please, we hurt and we die .
causing joy and causing disappointment .
feeling joy and feeling disappointment .
the prospect that this will leave you with more appreciation for the strengths,
the people, and extraordinary wonders you’ve been given .
and the unfathomable reality that this may leave your perspective unchanged,
with no effect at all . 
the course of human life,
all in fixed cycles . 

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